Explore Norway with Christian Radich next summer!

Sea Norway is a stage-by-stage, Tall Ship voyage along the Norwegian coast between Oslo in the south and Lofoten in the North. You are welcome to join us for one or more of our unique three-day stages, either northbound, southbound or around the beautiful Lofoten.

During each leg of the voyage, we promise you intimate and safe contact with both the ocean and a crew from around the world, as well as an extraordinary experience of slow-life, oceanic vistas and coastal beauty.

Sea Norway 2022

The south coast of Norway and a visit to Skagen

Sea Norway 2022 Oslo- Kristiansand June 18 - 21 Join the ship from Oslo,  along the coast to Kristiansand on the southern tip of Norway, with a stopover in Skagen on the tip of Denmark.

Shetland voyage

Sea Norway 2022 Bergen- Lerwick - Kristiansund June 28 - July 05 Sail with us through Vesterled, one of the traditional Viking sea routes, on a grand voyage from the western capital of Bergen over to the idyllic Shetland Islands and onward to picturesque Kristiansund.

Excperience Lofoten

Sea Norway 2022 Bodø-Bodø 5 different voyages in July Explore beautiful Lofoten with Christian Radich, the beautiful sailship, is extraordinary! Each voyage will start and end in Bodø, but where we go and what we see will be different on every voyage.

The Faroe Islands

Sea Norway 2022 Bergen- Torshavn- Stavanger August 02 - August 09  Sail with us through Vesterled, one of the traditional Viking sea routes from Western Norway and Bergen to the Faroe Islands and Torshavn. After at day here, we continue to Stavanger.

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