Coastal Cruise

On these stages, you get the unforgettable experience of living aboard a towering beauty of a tall ship while enjoying the spectacularly wild scenery of Norway’s rugged coasts and the sublime splendor of its fjords.


After departure, you can settle into the unique rhythm of life at sea and enjoy intimate contact with both the ocean and your co-sailor colleagues from around the world.  Sea Norway voyages promise an extraordinary experience of slow-life, oceanic vistas and endlessly changing coastal scenery.

As a co-sailor, you may find yourself taking the helm at night, watching dolphins play in the bow waves and whales pass by, while the others sleep and the only sound is the wind in the sails. No two days will be the same. One could see you setting & trimming sails, steering, navigating and learning the ways of the open sea; the next you might spend enjoying the fjords with the sun in your face, swaying in a hammock with a good book, taking photos or discussing the ways of the world with your fellow adventurers over a cup of coffee.

Coastal Cruise stages include stopovers to explore Norway’s magnificent countryside and iconic destinations, and to experience local coastal culture in small towns and villages along the route.

Join Sea Norway for exhilaration and relaxation, exploration and adventure. Welcome to an oceanic experience of a lifetime.