Why not complement your voyage by exploring Norway’s unique heritage.

Norway’s rich history and cultural heritage can be seen in its ancient stave churches, unique museums, traditional cuisine and thriving folklore and artistic traditions.

Many of the country’s World Heritage sites are in easy reach of our ports of call, from the Arctic islands of Vega and Bergen’s wooden Hanseatic quayside to the medieval Stave Church at Urnes in Sognefjord.

Norway is also renowned for its maritime heritage, from fishing and shipping to oil and gas. You can see evidence of this all along our route, from traditional fishing ports like Måløy and the ‘clipfish capital’ of Kristiansund founded on bacalao, to the futuristic Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger.

Other attractions you can discover along the way include a Viking chieftain’s longhouse with its own banqueting hall, a 17th century Manor House and Renaissance garden in a remote coastal village, and the fairy-tale-like Art Nouveau architecture of Ålesund.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Norway on May 17, Constitution Day, or come upon a wedding or folk dance gathering, look out for people wearing the traditional national costume of Norway, called bunad. These elaborately embroidered and bejewelled costumes date back to the 1800s and come in around 200 regional variations.

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