Situated roughly halfway along Norway’s vast coastline, Brønnøysund is a lively coastal town steeped in history and surrounded by thousands of islands.

One of Norway’s best-known landmarks is located nearby. The legendary Torghatten mountain, with a huge hole going clear through its middle, is easy to spot, whether you arrive by sea, land or at the local airport.

Brønnøysund is the southernmost city along the spectacular coast of Helgeland, has a splendid guest harbour and serves as a port of call for the Hurtigruten coastal express ships.

The UNESCO listed Vega Islands, famed for their 1500-year eiderdown harvesting tradition, are also nearby

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There are direct flights to Brønnøysund  from Oslo, Trondheim, Sandnessjøen and Bodø

Approximate flight duration (some examples):
Oslo – Brønnøysund: 1,5 hours Direct flight
Trondheim – Brønnøysund: 45 minutes Direct flight
Sandnessjøen – Brønnøysund : 1 hour and 40 minutes With a stop in Bodø
Bodø- Brønnøysund: 45 minutes Direct flight

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Ship location in Brønnøysund