The charming village of Flam with its 350 inhabitants is situated at the innermost part of the Aurlandsfjord, a tributary of the Sognefjord. Centrally located in the fjord region, Flam is surrounded by wild and dramatic nature with cascading waterfalls and picturesque landscape. Flam offers some of the most popular attractions in Norway.

Flamsbana- The Flam Railway- is widely recognized as one of the steepest and most beautiful railways in the world. Flam is also home of the spectacular Nærøyfjord, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visiting address A-Feltvegen 27, NO-5743 Flåm
Mailing address Vangen 1, NO-5745 Aurland
Phone +47 976 27 382
Maritime contact person Jon Olav Stedje
E- mail contact person
Phone contact person +47 976 27 382
Pilot channel VHF 12

Mailing address POB. 86, NO-5742 Flåm
Phone +47 57 63 14 00
Distance from port 200 m

Guide Service Yes
Turnaround facilities No
Terminal/Restrooms in pier area Yes
Shuttle bus N/A
Parking place for buses Yes
Public transportation Yes
Shopping 300 m
Currency exchange No
Internet access in pier area Yes
Distance to airport 167 km to Bergen International Airport,
80 km to Sogndal National Airport,
Distance to city centre 200 m
Distance nearest hospital Voss Hospital 65 km

The Flåm Railway & Vatnahalsen

Flam – Vatnahalsen – Flam
Duration: 3.5 hrs

.The Flam Railway is a masterpiece of engineering. With a height difference of 865 m, it is one of the world’s steepest adhesion-type railways on normal tracks. The journey provides a panoramic view of some of the wildest and most dramatic mountain scenery in Norway, including photo-stop at the mighty Kjosfossen waterfall.

Norway in a Nutshell

Flam – Myrdal – Voss – Tvinde – Stalheim – Flam
Duration: 6 hrs

Highlights include the Flam Railway, Kjosfossen waterfall, Bergen Railway, the beautiful town of Voss, Tvindefossen waterfall, Stalheim viewpoint and Stalheimskleiva road This road is one of the steepest stretches of road in Northern Europe, winding its way through 13 hairpin curves.

Foto: Flåm AS-Fotograf:Morten Rakke

Borgund & Stegastein Viewpoint

Flam – Lærdal – Borgund – Stegastein – Flam
Duration: 4 hrs

Highlights include driving through Lærdalstunnelen–the worlds longest tunnel, Borgund Stave Church, Aurlandsvegen mountain road, and Stegastein viewpoint. The viewpoint is aunique platform situated 650 m above sea level, overlooking the Aurlandsfjord.