The Friends of Christian Radich is one of the vessel’s most important supporters. Their contributions to the Foundation ensure that the vessel may actively operate sailing and keep up the high standard on board. Obtaining membership shows that you care for the vessel.

There are four different types of membership:

Single member  NOK 300 – a year
Single member to 26 years old NOK 150 – a year

Family member NOK 500 – a year

Member for life NOK 5000

Company (up to 50 employees) NOK 2500 – a year

Company (from 50 employees and up) NOK 5000 – a year

As a member you get our newsletters, a 10% reduction when buying souvenirs, you are invited to an annual day-cruise and you receive a special pin and Christian Radich pen.

The ship, built in 1937, needs to be continuously maintained and restored to avoid ending up as an anchored museum. She represents a culture and maritime tradition worth taking care of. To keep her under sail, she needs all her friends.

Contact the foundation and we will tell you more about how to become a member:

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