There are direct flights to Brønnøysund from Oslo, Trondheim, Sandnessjøen and Bodø

Approximate flight duration (some examples):
Oslo – Brønnøysund: 1,5 hours Direct flight
Trondheim – Brønnøysund: 45 minutes Direct flight
Sandnessjøen – Brønnøysund : 1 hour and 40 minutes With a stop in Bodø
Bodø- Brønnøysund: 45 minutes Direct flight

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Ship location in Brønnøysund

You will get more information about where to find the ship, when we are getting closer to arrival day.


Widerøe and Wizz Air to Bodø airport.


The Nordlandsbanen is called one of the world’s most beautiful train lines, and winds its way 730 km north from Trondheim to Bodø.
Bodo station is end station on Nordlandsbanen, 728.75 km from Trondheim.

The station is located roughly 400 meters east of Bodø, located at the junction Jernbaneveien, Bankgata and Sjøgata.

Ship location in Bodø

You will get more information about where to find the ship, when we are getting closer to arrival day.

July 08-11 2020 Ocean sailing

Join this trip to experience a ocean sailing that includes a stopover at the Svartisen glacier and culminates in the Arctic city of Bodø. Arrive a day early to explore the historical and picturesque town of Brønnøysund.

DEPARTURE Brønnøysund 08. 07. 2020 16:00
ARRIVAL Bodø 11.07. 2020 09:00
NOT INCLUDED  Flights and transfers from and to the ship, drinks on board (available for local prices onboard), field trips, other personal expenses.


Wylde Swan sold out!

This stage takes you from Brønnøysund – half-way point along Norway’s vast coastline – and beyond the Arctic Circle to Bodø, gateway to the true north.

After departure, you can settle into the unique rhythm of life at sea with your co-sailor colleagues, before we drop anchor close to the glacial beauty of Svartisen. Norway’s second largest glacial mass has 60 “ice tongues” and covers 370 square kilometers.

If you arrive a day early or leave the ship in Bodø you can

The ship will take a stop by the Svartisen glacier.

Svartisen is Norway’s second largest glacier and covers fully 370 square kilometres. Walking up to the glacier, is a great experience!

You can choose to attend the trip to Svartisen, or stay on board.

The voyage ends at the Arctic city of Bodø, gateway to Norway’s true north and home to the world’s strongest maelstrom Saltstraumen. A perfect jumping-off point for visiting the majestic Lofoten Islands, Bodø is also close to some of Norway’s most spectacular sights, such as the famous mountain of Torghatten with its central “peephole”.

And why not arrive a day before departure to explore Brønnøysund. This lively coastal town is steeped in history and surrounded by thousands of small islands. It is also an excellent starting point for excursions to popular destinations such as the dramatic Hjørundfjord.

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