July 15-18 2020

Join this trip to experience a coastal cruise through the seas around the spectacular Lofoten archipelago. From our point of departure some 170 kilometres above the Arctic Circle we head south to the breathtakingly beautiful village of Reine. Arrive a day early to explore Harstad, gateway to Vesterålen and Lofoten.

DEPARTURE Harstad 15. 07. 2020 13:00
ARRIVAL Reine 18. 07. 2020 09:00
NOT INCLUDED  Flights and transfers from and to the ship, drinks on board (available for local prices onboard), field trips, other personal expenses.

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This stage takes you from Harstad, on the tip of Norway’s largest island, Hinnøya, to the breathtakingly beautiful village of Reine with its fishermen’s huts dotting the shoreline and surrounding granite peaks rising out of Reinefjorden.

And why not arrive a day before departure to explore Harstad. Known as the cultural capital of Northern Norway and a coastal gourmet city, Harstad bustles with restaurants, festivals and cultural events, especially during the summer when everything is fuelled by the midnight sun.  It is also a perfect jumping-off point for exploring the wonders of the spectacular Lofoten islands, with their giant cod, jagged mountains, white sandy beaches and large artistic community attracted by the unique polar light and Midnight Sun.

Optional activities

  • Explore Reine
  • Explore Harstad


After departure, you can settle into the unique rhythm of life at sea with your co-sailor colleagues, as we cruise through the seas around the world’s northernmost inhabited archipelago.

The voyage ends at Reine, a picturesque fishing village on the island of Moskenesøya. Situated on the E10, the scenic route across Lofoten and surrounded by a breathtaking backdrop of granite peaks, Reine is reputed to be the most beautiful village in Norway.

Foto: CH - Visitnorway.com
Foto: Pete Oswald / Visitnorway.com
Foto: CH - Visitnorway.com
Foto: Alexander Benjaminsen / Visitnorway.com
Foto: Alexander Benjaminsen / Visitnorway.com
Copyright by H.H.Boehm, Gulden Leeuw
Foto: Alexander Benjaminsen / Visitnorway.com