Travel by plane

Widerøe offers 6 weekly direct flights from Oslo airport Gardermoen to Lofoten. See timetable for Lofoten and Vesterålen. Widerøe also offers several flights daily from Bodø (BOO) and Tromsø to Svolvær (SVJ) and Leknes (LKN). A few times a week Widerøe flies between Bodø and Røst (RET), they also have flights between Røst and Leknes / Svolvær. For more information and to buy tickets, visit

Travel by car

It takes about 1,5 hours to drive from Lofoten to Reine.
You also take a Ferry from Bodø to Mosknes and drive to Reine. This takes about 30 minutes.

Ship location in Reine

You will get more information about where to find the ship, when we are getting closer to arrival day.


There are direct flights to Sandnessjøen fra Bodø, Trondheim and Oslo.

Approximate flight duration:
Bodø- Sandnessjøen: 45 minutes
Trondheim-Sandnessjøen: 50 minutes
Oslo-Sandnessjøen: 1 hour and 45 minutes.

For more information see:

Ship location in Sandnessjøen

You will get more information about where to find the ship, when we are getting closer to arrival day.

July 19-22 2020 Ocean sailing

Join this trip to experience a ocean sailing that includes a stopover at the Svartisen glacier and culminates in Sandnessjøen. Arrive a day early to explore the breathtakingly beautiful village of Reine. If you stay a day after arrival in Sandnessjøen you can explore the magnificent coast of Helgeland. Read more about Sandnessjøen here.

DEPARTURE Reine 19. 07. 2020 10:00
ARRIVAL Sandnessjøen 22. 07. 2020 09:00
NOT INCLUDED  Flights and transfers from and to the ship, drinks on board (available for local prices onboard), field trips, other personal expenses.

This stage takes you from Reine village, located more than 100 kilometers above the Arctic Circle, to Sandnessjøen, gateway to the magnificent Helgeland coast.

After departure, you can settle into the unique rhythm of life at sea with your co-sailor colleagues, before we drop anchor close to the glacial beauty of Svartisen.

And why not arrive a day before departure to explore Reine.

In Reine you can visit Reine Culture Centre.

Reine Culture Centre is located in Reine, the heart of Lofoten. The former Reine School is converted into a center for a variety of cultural expressions to present art and travel memories from Northern Norway and Norway in general.
Our gallery presenting a permanent collection of the works of artists two of our famous artists from the Northern Norway, Eva Harr and Karl Erik Harr. In conjunction with the gallery, we have a design and souvenir outlet where we present and sell the art of Eva Harr, travel memories and clothing.

The Culture Center is hosting the tourist information in the region and have a small café.
Welcome to our gallery and experience the cozy atmosphere while enjoying our gallery and store.

Children under 16 years old NOK 25,- per person

Adult NOK 50,- per person

We also reccoment a walk up the Reinebringen. The trip takes aproximatly 1 hour, and its 448m above sealevel.

Reinebringen is located immediately west of the village or Reine, with the stairway beginning on the western side of Ramsvik tunnel, along the old road.

You will get a spectacular view over Lofoten when entering the top of Reinebringen.

If you arrive a day early in Reine or leave the ship in Sandnessjøen you can:


You can book a extra night before depature from Reine.

The ship will take a stop by the Svartisen glacier.

Svartisen is Norway’s second largest glacier and covers fully 370 square kilometres. Walking up to the glacier, is a great experience!

You can choose to attend the trip to Svartisen, or stay at the ship.

The voyage ends at the coastal town of Sandnessjøen.Sandnessjøen is situated at the center of the Helgeland Coast and is a perfect base for those that wish to explore the islands along the idylllic coast. This town is best known for the famous mountain range The Seven Sisters. Surronding Sandnessjøen there are several mountains and many hiking trails to explore for the active ones. The small town has a rich history from the Viking Age and Medieval period with a Chiefdom and three medieval churches sourrounding the town along with the popular and modern Petter Dass Museum for those culturally engaged.

From Sandnessjøen you are a 30 minutes boattrip from the islands of Herøy and Dønna, an hour boattrip from the Polar Circle, two hours boattrip from the worlds first Arctic single malt whisky destillery at the island Myken, or the Svartisen Glacier, or the UNESCO World Heritage site Vega Archipelago, an hour cartrip to Mosjøens´historic Sjøgata and one and a half hour cartrip to Mo i Rana.

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Foto: Håvard Hanasand