You can book online or you can e-mail a registration form. When you book online, you pay the voyage at the same time. If you choose the last, the reservation is valid by paying 25 % deposit per voyage. The balance must be settled 30 days before departure. On this booking, an additional fee of 15 euros will apply. All bookings are binding.

Check in

Check- in on board is 2 hours before departure if no other information is given

Departure and arrival

Changes in arrival and departure time may occur. There might also be some waiting to be allowed to get into port. Ample time should therefore be calculated for all travelling arrangements before and after the voyage. We might also arrive earlier than scheduled, if so, the trainees can stay on board until stated arrival. Travelling to and from ports is not included in the price.


The trainees must purchase travel insurance. Accidents with personal injury may occur. The ship or its crew is not responsible beyond what the ship`s insurance or current social security will cover. Dispute will be solved according to Norwegian law. NB: The Foundation is not financially responsible for any delays and/or additional travel costs.

Cancellation fee

More than 60 days before dep.: Administration fee, € 15 59– 15 days before dep.: 50 % Less than 15 days before dep.: Full price.

Cancellation of voyages

If a voyage has to be cancelled due to force majeur, the trainees will be compensated if the voyage hasn’t started. If the voyage has started and the cancellation cause a change in travelling plans, it is assumed that the trainees travel insurance will cover the loss.

Age limit

The age limit is 15 years old (on departure date), and 12 years when sailing with parents on non-race legs. We have 0-tolerance if trainees under 18 years use alcohol, or drugs, also in ports.


Youth: 12-15 years old: A discount of 10% applies on each leg and on special offers. (15% on races, youth from 15 years).


Everyone with normal good health can sail with Christian Radich. Everyone will join in on the duties. We expect that most of the trainees enter the rig, but if you don’t want to join this, please inform the crew. If you have any health limitations or disabilities, this must be further evaluated. On sea, health limitations can be extended, and especially if bad weather occurs. We expect that every trainee is able to take care of her- or himself, it is not possible for our crew to pay extra attention to each individual trainee.

It is important that you inform us about your allergies and medication, if any. Medication will not work if you get seasick. Remember to notify the sergeant and watch leader on board if you use seasick medication or seasick bandage. When using seasickness medication you are not allowed to enter the rig within a certain time after use. When at sea the ship is “dry,” i.e. totally alcohol restricted.

If you are over 70 years, you have to send us the health declaration, signed by your doctor.

If information is withheld and the trainee because of disabilities proves to be a burden to crew and other trainees on board, or pose danger to themselves or others, the Captain can decide that the trainee has to disembark before the voyage ends. Travel expenses will be covered by the trainee.

Personal information

The Foundation can store personal information in order to send information about future voyages. The trainee has to contact the Foundation if you want to reserve yourself against this. During the voyages, photos will be taken of the ship and the crew. The Foundation will use these photos in marketing, both print and web.


If the trainee would send a complaint after the voyage, it has to be done by e-mail to the Foundation latest one month after arrival. E-mail to or a letter to: The Christian Radich Foundation, PB 666 Sentrum, N-0106 Oslo


Oslo 4/11.2016