Welcome to a voyage of discovery with Sea Norway. We promise you intimate contact with the ocean and panoramic nature experiences.

Join us for a Sea Norway voyage and we promise you intimate contact with the ocean, a crew of co-sailors from around the world, and an extraordinary experience of slow-life, oceanic beauty and endlessly changing scenery.

During your time aboard, not only can you experience steering, climbing aloft, setting and trimming sails and navigating, you can do it while enjoying the spectacularly wild scenery of Norway’s rugged coasts and the sublime splendor of its fjords.

No two days will be the same. One could see you setting and trimming sails and learning the ways of the open sea; the next you might spend enjoying the fjords with the sun in your face, swaying in a hammock with a good book, taking photos or in discussions with your fellow adventurers over a cup of coffee.

As a co-sailor, you may find yourself taking the helm at night, watching dolphins play in the bow waves and whales pass by, while the others sleep and the only sound is the wind in the sails. You may experience the magic of team spirit, as the crew fight to squeeze the last bit of speed out of the ship and still have time to have fun. And you will remember falling asleep as moonlight and phosphorescence flash in a dark sea, listening to the endless sound of waves breaking on the bow.

Join Sea Norway and every day will bring new beginnings, new sights and sounds, new horizons and new adventures. Welcome to the oceanic experience of a lifetime!