Why not supplement your voyage with a few once-in-a-lifetime culinary experiences.

Norway’s cuisine is as diverse as its countryside.  Our many ports of call, mainly coastal, allow you to sample a wide range of local specialties, also from the inland and mountains.

Try western Norwegian delicacies like smoked ribs and lamb, to famous seafood dishes like salted cod and bacalao, to  unique  inland dishes, such as pizzas made with ale and cheese from mountain goats and aquavit embellished sausage.

Three keywords for Sea Norway is see – feel – taste. The last, taste is a lovely challenge for our steward and he does his best in order to find local delicacies. Fishing is a popular activity on board, and up north, one gets fish! Freshly prepared fish is often on the menu and our trainees loves it! We buy cheese from small local farms as we pass by and we love to taste the difference. In Kristiansund, we eat bacalao and in Rosendal we get to taste local cider. Our aim is that you in addition to your photos also shall remember the taste of Norway after returning home.