Have you ever dreamed about the thrill of taking the helm and steering hundreds of tons of majestic sailing ship across the ocean? Well, I have great news! It is not a thing of the past, nor is it confined to actors in films featuring Johnny Depp and eye patches.

In fact, not only can you experience steering, climbing aloft, setting the sails and living aboard a towering beauty of a tall ship, you can do it while enjoying the spectacularly wild scenery of Norway’s rugged coasts and the sublime splendor of its fjords, as well as the exotic cuisine of the high North.

The history of Christian Radich goes back to 1937, when she was built at Framnæs Mech. Yard in Norway. She was built as a sail training ship: the orlops (dormitories) had capacity for berthing 80-90 students (maximum 80 today after renovation), a large galley for learning to cook, carpentry training, and earlier there was also a machine shop on board (where the galley is now) for training engineers. The purpose of the training ship was to train sailors. Sailing-ships were the usual vessels around the turn of the century and that is why the sailing ships continued as a school ship later on.

Welcome on board Christian Radich!