Christian Radich

LATEST NEWS: Due to the corona situation, we are sorry to announce that Wylde Swan has to cancel the Sea Norway voyages for 2020.

Have you ever dreamed about the thrill of taking the helm and steering hundreds of tons of majestic sailing ship across the ocean? Well, I have great news! It is not a thing of the past, nor is it confined to actors in films featuring Johnny Depp and eye patches.

In fact, not only can you experience steering, climbing aloft, setting the sails and living aboard a towering beauty of a tall ship, you can do it while enjoying the spectacularly wild scenery of Norway’s rugged coasts and the sublime splendor of its fjords, as well as the exotic cuisine of the high North.

We have gathered three of the last great “windjammers” of the last century still in active service. Christian Radich, with a main mast towering above 37 meters, and more than a thousand meters of sail spun on almost 9000 meters of rope, is truly a majestic sight. Its sister ships, the Dutch vessel Wylde Swan  are equally impressive. Swan is a spectacularly sleek schooner with two 40-meter masts and oversized sails.

From the summer of 2020, Christian Radich and Wylde Swan will offer exclusive and unique adventure travel experiences for small groups of co-sailors looking for an unforgettable voyage of a lifetime.