The city floating in the Atlantic ocean

Kristiansund has a stunning location and is a beautiful, clean and open city that spreads out around a harbour and four islands. It has one of Norway`s most unique seaports situated right on the ocean`s edge.

Kristiansund was rebuilt after a devastating bombing during the Second World War when almost 900 houses burned down. The new town has developed its own style with bright, colourful houses. Note how the houses in the centre of Kirkelandet are side-gabled, just like the traditional clipfish wharves. To get a feeling of the city’s distinctive character, a visit to the old town of Innlandet is recommended.

Kristiansund is close to the famous Atlantic Road,acclaimed as one of the most amazing road trips in the world.

Kristiansund is often referred to as the “opera city”, and for a good reason: the city hosts some 100 opera performances and an Opera festival each year. Its festival program includes the Nordic Light Photo Festival, the Clipfish festival, the Tahiti festival, and the Kristiansund Church Art and Culture Festival.

Kristiansund is also Norway’s clipfish capital. Any menu in the city’s restaurants and cafes reveals that this tradition is still very much alive today. We recommend a taste of “fishan” – a local version of fish and chips and a Kristiansund speciality.

Everyone who has been to Kristiansund has heard of the harbour ferry, Sundbåten, one of the oldest public transportation vessels in the world in continuous use.  Sundbåten takes you on a 20 minute round trip to the four Kristiansund islands. A great way to see the town.

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Welcome to Kristiansund


By bus

There are daily express buses from Trondheim, and further bus connections from Molde and Ålesund. You can also reach the main attractions in the area by bus

By car

Drive to Kristiansund on the E39 and Rv 70 from Bergen or Trondheim. We recommend that you driva via the Atlantic Road, which is one of Norway’s National Tourist Roads.

By plane

Kristiansund Airport Kvernberget is only 10 minutes by car from the centre of Kristiansund. There are daily departures to Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.


Ship location in Kristiansund